Walking Street – Pattaya Nightlife

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Walking Street – Pattaya Nightlife

Short Tour in Walking Street, Pattaya from iSi Asia | Prodcam on Vimeo.

Pattaya Walking Street is the most famous place in Pattaya city. There is a variety of night entertainments in Walking Street. Since there are a number of foreign people visiting this street, it is seen like an Pattaya International Meeting Street. This Walking Street locates from Beach Road of south Pattaya to the Bali-Hi Pier. There is a large sign of Pattaya Walking Street at the entrance connecting to Beach road. Although this street is called Walking Street, it is not free of vehicles 24 hours. At the day time, this street is used for transportation in Pattaya, whereas at the night time (approximately 18.00 – 02.00), this street is closed from vehicles and changed to another street expressing a completely different atmosphere, with an amount of colored neon signage. However, in the case that visitors come to Walking Street by a vehicle, they can park their vehicles at the Bali-Hi end.

Раttауа Wаlkіng Ѕtrееt

Pattaya Walking Street is, as you could imagine, a place consisting a plenty of Beer-bars, go-go bars, strip pubs, night clubs, discotheques, massage parlours, and restaurants. Once you walk through this street, you would know that this street is just as a party zone with a huge crowd, friendly girls, and lady boys. Furthermore, there are also mini-shows on the streets every night, such as a person dressing and acting as Jack Sparrow from the Pirate of The Caribbean and soccer-players lifting a ball in different actions. However, the shows are performed from different performers, depending on performers who want to play a show.

А Vіbrаnt Роtроurrі оf Lосаl Lіfеstуlе аnd Еntеrtаіnmеnt

However, because there are a number of people on Pattaya Walking Street, visitors should be careful about their wallet or purse. It is unusual to have pickpockets in any busy place. Another thing is that visitors should clearly communicate with others, including taxis and staffs from entertaining places, for what will be charged and what will not, since clear communication could avoid any problems from misunderstandings. In the case of something unpleasant happen, visitors should contact to the tourist police immediately.

Car parks near walking street

Those who do not know much about Pattaya Walking Street are usually concerned about where to park their vehicle when coming to look around this international meeting steet or visit a club in the street. However, they are in fact easy to find since there are two car parks situated near the entrance of Pattaya Walking Street on the Bali Hai side. One is in between the blue building and MiXX Discotheque (see the location), while the other one is about 100 meters from MiXX (See the alternative car park). Note that visitors need to pay for parking their own car, approximately 40 – 80 baht depending on place and how long they want to park the car

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