Art in Paradise Pattaya

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Art in Paradise Pattaya

Is a fun and fresh take on an art gallery that has closed the divide between art and spectator with three-dimensional paintings that are interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. Through clever use of shading and borders, artists have painted directly on to walls to create stunning images that trick our eyes into thinking animals are smashing through walls, friends are balancing over raging waterfalls and polar bears are stealing a sip of our coconut. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilisations and reproductions of classic art with witty additions such as a bright pink nail polish on a pre-Raphaelite beauty or a pencil added to the Mona Lisa so you can be Leonardo Da Vinci for a second at least.

The taking of photographs isn’t just tolerated at Art in Paradise, it’s actively encouraged and you will see plenty of Thai people engaging in one of the nation’s favorite pastimes, taking shot after shot of friends in ever more elaborate poses. Art in Paradise inspires visitors to get creative with the paintings as the 3D imagery looks more authentic in photographs. This is a great place to come with children, friends or on a date and you will leave with a lot of funny moments captured on your camera.

Art In Paradise is Thailand’s first 3D imaging museum, located in Pattaya. Chonburi, started on May 2, 2012, with an area of 5,800 square meters. It was created as the largest three-dimensional museum in the world.

The museum was founded by Ms. Shin Jaeol and the other 11 partners invested more than 50 million baht. The museum was designed to provide visitors with real fun with art. All works were created by the painter. Twelve Koreans who have the ability to create amazing stereoscopic 3D images. To make the visitors enjoy the fun. And be part of sharing experiences with three-dimensional art.


The world of music varies widely. Many people enjoy listening to music. Dancing along the rhythm of the song happily with friends. Someone is a singer. Or the musicians who have played the instruments themselves have shared their aesthetics and musical enjoyment with others.

The art of painting is the same. I want you to leave the same concept. About the artwork was created to admire only paintings. We created an interactive museum. (Interactive) that anyone can come into contact with and engage with various art. Fully And no longer far away.

After we opened the museum for over a year, many visitors came here. With friends, lovers, and family, the audience is having fun. And create a good memory together. And when we see the happy picture. Such impression has the concept that. This is our duty to make more improvements in the various parts. The museum is up to date and attractive. And we are also delighted to create a museum that gives everyone happiness.

Finally, we promise. We will try to create a museum that is fun, beautiful and a place to impress. And become a memory for all together for a long time.

Shinee managing director And the founder of the ART IN IN PARADISE.

Zone Description

Diorama The art of sculpting dolls to simulate the way of life of Thai people. With a beautiful and delicate detailing technique by a Korean dancer waiting for you!

Aqua Experience the underwater world with the blue whale. Find Deep Underwater Treasure Fighting giant fish is transformed into a beautiful mermaid. And please be careful of the giant shark snatching your head!

Safari Welcome to the jungle of Amazon and the vast Tuaran, with large crowds, zebra giraffes, long necklines, parrots and primitive tribes in the Amazon jungle.

Classic art Who the classic art must climb up the stairs to see! Study with the history of classic art fun and not boring anymore to play the world’s most famous painting together.

Ayutthaya The largest and most magnificent image gallery in the Museum of Art In-Vale, the city of Laplace and the amazing archaeological site. Big Buddha statue or waterfall with only one stick!

Egypt Aladdin left When Prom was brought to the museum. Surveyors range from Pharaoh Cemetery to the vast desert. To discover the secret treasure and entrance to the cemetery.

Thai Drink well with the beautiful Thai culture and traditions that have been around for so long. Pictures of beautiful three-dimensional Suwan Hong Or join the fun in Songkran Festival.

Fantasy Unleash your imagination with supernatural imagery. Standing on a giant cube to a puppet-shaped figure. Gravity-free museum room Or a mirror room in a strange way. Dinosaur Run away from the Daito Saturday Rex is ready to break you at any time. Fly with the giant bird to explore the ancient area. Get in touch with the million-year-old animals waiting for you.