Cartoon Network Pattaya Thailand

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Cartoon Network Pattaya Thailand

Cartoon Network Pattaya Thailand

Cartoon Network Amazone The World’s First Cartoon Network Themed Water Park We’ve taken Asia’s #1 Cartoon Channel and transformed it into an all-ages immersive experience. From ride thrills to poolside chill, come play at the only waterpark in Pattaya with live surfing, 10 exciting entertainment zones, and the worlds only 360 degree dome slide!

The World’s first Cartoon Network Water Park from CNAmazone on Vimeo.

Riptid rapids from CNAmazone on Vimeo.

XLR8-TOR from CNAmazone on Vimeo.

XLR8 is a Ben 10 alien known for his lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to reach speeds in excess of 300 mph. Channel your inner XLR8 as you plunge vertically from a height of 18 meters before accelerating at lightning velocity to a splash landing. The XLR8-TOR is one of the tallest and steepest rides in Asia.

Starting 82 feet (25 meters) from the top of the legendary Ben 10 Omniverse Zone, 2 riders oscillate 1,050 feet (320 meters) in the ultimate water coaster ride as they battle Swampfire, Cannonbolt and NRG from the hit series, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, with wild twists and turns defying gravity as jets of water blast them uphill with hair-raising drops and breathtaking curves through the three darkened alien space shuttles.

ZERO TO 2.5Gs IN LESS THAN 2 SECONDS! Shape-shift with Goop in this gravity-defying water rollercoaster that will literally turn your world upside down! The ride starts in an enclosed capsule, where a trap door releases below your feet, dropping you into a 12 meter free-fall generating maximum g-force and propelling you into a 360-degree loop. Power up!

The world’s first fully themed monster water park ride, the Humungosaur at Cartoon Network Amazone water-park, features a death defying race for four riders seated in two person rafts hurling down twin tracks with two Indy car racing inspired massive figure eight turns oscillating 700 feet (213 meters) before the final final massive 51% vertical drop as they are swallowed by the mighty Humungosaur in a dramatic, heart-pounding finish.