Khao Chi Chan

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Khao Chi Chan

Is the biggest Buddha image sculpted on the cliff with a height of 109 meters and approximately 70 meters wide. A favorite family place for showing respect to this fantastic Buddha Image. The large field in front of the cliff includes a lake with water lilies, stone garden, decorated gardens, flowering plants and many pavilions for meditation at the revered shrines for visitors to pay respects.

Khao Chi Chan was constructed to celebrate the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his Majesty King Bhumibol. The Buddha image is in the sitting form in the style of Pang Man Wichai as Phrawarachaabopit.

There were several steps to sculpt this the biggest Buddha image, designed by Computer. Then the Buddha image was drawn on the cliff by using the Computer laser images of Buddha. The laser drawing was done at night, to be able to see the laser precisely. During the day workers made the requited adjustments revealed by the Computer images.

Khao Chi Chan is located very near the Silver Lake Winery, so it’s possibly a good idea to combine both attractions on the same day. Khao Chi Chan opens 06.00 to 18.00 Visitors should obey the warning signs as it possible for falling stones to endanger visitors getting too close to the mountain.

Attractions in Pattaya Khao Chi Chan, biggest carved Buddha image in the world from Asiabethere on Vimeo.