Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary

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These massive beasts long ago once the backbone of heavy work in the jungles of Thailand. The Elephant Village provides these majestic creatures with a haven, to live the latter years in relative safety. As with any private organization, it costs money to run the enterprise as capitalism has no respect for the intentions of the owners and volunteers. Guests provide the vital lifeline with greatly needed revenue as the project is without government funding of support. Раttауа Еlерhаnt Vіllаgе Whаt tо Ѕее іn Раttауа 20 Dеlіght іn а wіdе rаngе оf shоws аnd dеmоnstrаtіоns suсh аs еlерhаnt trаіnіng tесhnіquеs, bаthіng, trаdіtіоnаl rоunduр mеthоds аnd thе hіghlіght wіth а wаr еlерhаnt. Тhе Еlерhаnt Vіllаgе wаs ореnеd іn 1973 аs а hоmе fоr fоrmеr wоrkіng еlерhаnts, аnd thеу аrе іn thе full tіmе саrе оf thе саmр’s ехреrіеnсеd mаhоuts.

Enjoy a broad range of performances and demonstrations of elephant training techniques, bathing, traditional roundup approaches along with the highlight with a war elephant. The Elephant Village started in 1973 as a residence for former working elephants; they have been in the full-time proper care of the camp’s experienced mahouts. Every day these elephants entertain guests with performances and standby for the elephant rides around the village’s forested landscape.

Khun Phairat knows a lot about elephants. He has been an elephant keeper for more than forty years. He loves the giant animals, and from his affection for them, he has created a successful business. “I used to wonder about elephants when I was a boy,” he explains. “How do you feed them and how much food must they have every day? Now I know the answer. It costs a lot to keep elephants – between 1,000 and 5,000 THB a day for food and medicines per each elephant.”

The Elephant Village is a private company, which is run on a non‑profit making basis and after running expenses have been deducted, all of the proceeds go to feed, pay the medical bills and take care of the elephants. It receives neither government support nor sponsorship from any large company or international organization At the time before; many wild elephants was captured and trained to be the timber working elephants. Later the reproducing new young one was born and learns about the timber work. The incomes for working elephants at that time was enough available for their survives, Now a day, no more timber job for working elephants, the domesticated elephants are in trouble to survive. There is one way to help to survives the elephant is the tourist business. The used of elephant rides by the tourist had incomes to survives those domesticated animals, that why the elephant now use for the ride in the area of tourist areas. For conditions of workload, the elephant riding cannot compare with the timber work., in the jungle works, elephant carries on the back loaded about 500 kilos, hauling 2000 kilos push the weight about 4-5 tons by the head. and maybe 6-10 hours a day. But at the tourism areas elephant carry on back not more than 150 kilos by two persons and during the day normally having only the good condition elephant worked not more than 2-3 hours for one elephant.


Combination Trekking which lasts about three and a half hours, experiencing through greenery jungle This activity starts with the Elephant Ride approximately 1 hour ( a shared seat for 2 persons) followed by a 20 minutes accompanied jungle walk, followed by a visit to the Silk House, followed by 20 minutes being ferried across a local lake, finishing with a return ride to the Elephant Village on OX-Carts. Upon return to the Elephant Village, The visitor will then be served with a home cooked buffet lunch or dinner. With the special Thai Dancing welcome Show. This service takes place two times daily, 10:30 and 16:00 hrs.

Elephant Village Tickets Price ranges

• ATV Tour (an hour): 1500 baht
• ATV Tour (two hours time): 4500 baht
• Combination Trekking: 2000 baht
• An Hour Elephant Trekking: 1200 baht
• 1 Hour Elephant Trekking: 1600 THB
• Combination Trekking: 2600 THB

Address: 48/120 Moo7 Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150
Hours: Closed now
Phone: 038 249 818