Pattaya Floating Market

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Pattaya Floating Market

The Charm of Ancient Thai Riverside Living Community

Established since 2008. Pattaya Floating Market is a riverside attraction in Pattaya. Displaying and showcasing the beautiful ancient Thai riverside living community. Detailing authentic ways of life. On display are products from 4 major regions of Thailand.

Pattaya Floating Market is ‘Travelling Through Thailand in One Day”. Experience the culture whilst seeking a bargain from the various stall holders. With many items on sale at affordable prices.

The market has brought together the unique parts and cultures. The way of life, food products and cultural performance of each region of Thailand. Including North, South, Central, Northeast. Visitors should be able to identify the different regions.

Pattaya Floating Market also features fun activities. Including; rowing boat excursion, amphibious boat adventure, long tail motored-boat, zip line adventure. The haunted mansion, maze runner, baby goat and fish milk feeding. Cultural shows and traditional games, play such as sea blindfolded boxing. Rowing bowl racing takes place almost every hour to make use of every minute of your day.

Thai Culture Learning Center

‘Traditional Thai Ways of Village Life’. Those interested in knowing deeper about Thai people and it’s history. On display almost everything usually used by Thai people during their daily routines.

Establishing a new zone aimed at making it a learning center. Demonstrating for example, silk production and farming. Ancient Thai ways of cooking and farming. Thai massage is also available for interested party to enjoy learning. Or even taking part for a short session of practice supervised by specialists.

There are two piers, one in front and another one on the back side. With Cultural attraction displaying beautiful Thai ways. Riverside living community’s way of life. Plus many fun games, and activities including the daily cultural shows.

Demonstration such as silk weaving. Silk thread, silk worm raising, mat producing, ancient pop-corn cooking, local handicraf. making sure everyone trip is completely fulfilled.

Don’t forget to see the monkey show stationed right close to the entrance. It’s most famous monkey star in Thailand and ever appeared on commercial ads. Including movies, stop by to say hi, everyone call it Khun Prakit.

Opens daily from 9 till 8 at night, let’s come and visit then let me know how you feel about us. For more information call 038 706 340 or send us email

Pattaya, Thailand – Floating Market 2 from Scott Rendler on Vimeo.

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